Alternative feed ingredients

Newsletter 78 - Item 3

The subject title of this item was the title of a blog on the World Poultry web site.  You can access the blog here.  The blog concludes:

Two major determinants when it comes to the use of alternative feed ingredients in poultry rations are cost and availability. Another important issue in this regard is the lack of well-established information on the nutrient value of these ingredients, which may make diet formulation difficult.

There are a number of other important considerations in these discussions such as:

-       digestibility for the particular species

-       other ingredients in the rations and their ratios

-       consistency of the nutrient profile of that ingredient

Introducing anything new is a “variable”.  This discussion regards a species with extremely high volume production supported by a large data base of information to enable meaningful evaluation on such changes to the rations.  Ostrich do not yet have this luxury, making it even more challenging to introduce such variables simply because they are lower cost ingredients.

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