Getting an Ostrich Business Started

Newsletter No. 75 - Item 1

When the internet first became a popular means of communication in the mid to late 1990s, there were a number of forums and mailing lists dedicated to ostrich.  The communication came from many countries and asking questions that are basic knowledge in commercial livestock production.  The forums remaining today still receive these very basic questions. We (WOA, BDOA, AOA and Blue Mountain) continue to receive communication asking for help from people expecting to start farming ostrich or already farming on a very small scale and looking for assistance.  The countries are blanked out as over the years we have received the same type of communication from almost every country that has started to farm ostrich.

These are a few recent examples:

Farmer 1:

I have started ostrich farming in ….. I have 210 ostriches of different ages: 58 days, 69 days and 90 days old. I am having problem in feed because no one has it so please mail the price detail of feeds - e.g. 50 kg bag with CNF for all feed.  I imported 320 chicks one day old out of which 47 died, what is mortality ratio in them.

Farmer 2:

I am poultry farmer in .....,  now I want to start ostrich farming so, I need some kind of help, such as from where I can get ostrich chick and how can I keep them.  I hope you will give me positive answer and favour.

Farmer 3:

I am currently working for a large poultry company and have a master’s degree in poultry science.  My problem is all my poultry experience is with turkeys and chickens.  My best friend has currently purchased a large farm and is only using up a small proportion of this for free range egg production.

I have been aware of the small increase in Ostrich farming in the .... and has been an interest of mine for a while.  Now I have access to a lot of land I am researching ostrich farming and the pros and cons of it.  Could you please get in touch with any information on the subject you have.

Also is it profitable?  Is it viable in ....?  And is it easy to get a buyer for the various products that come from ostrich etc?  I will look forward to your response.

Farmer 4:

I'd like to set up an Ostrich Farm business. I wonder if you could send me some information about this and if your company provides services regarding this matter, please forward some details and contacts.

Farmer 5:

We currently have an ostrich farm of about 500 head.  We now only sell their meat for human consumption.  We were introduced to your website for more information on skin preservation and possibilities of prospective buyers.  Please provide us with information about this matter as soon as possible.  Your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Reading these examples when put in the context of the all our articles, it helps explain why, even now - 2013 - it remains a challenge for the industry to make the transition to full commercial production where we can supply the markets on a professional level.

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