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Past Newsletters

All past newsletters are available from their index pages on the old site - Archived Newsletter Menu  with the more recent newsletters available through the members only menu.

Over the next few weeks we will post items of particular interest from past newsletters and still applicable in the current industry.  This will make it easier and faster to access subjects of particular interest using the excellent search facility within WordPress.

Comments are welcomed, but please remember the comments can only come from members and you can join here.

Welcome to the New World Ostrich Association Web Site

In recognition of our 10th Anniversary, the association is changing their web site and some methods we use for communication between all active in the industry and members.  We will use these pages to share industry related information as it becomes available and publish any other items that were previously shared in our newsletter.

Comments are welcomed, but will be moderated to ensure they are relevant to the industry and require logging on to eliminate spam postings.