Interpreting the Trends in Meat Consumption – Rate of Growth

Newsletter No 40 - July 2006, Item 2a

This blog is discussing Figure 2 in Global Trends in Meat Consumption.  Click here to view the graphic under discsussion

Examining  the differences in rate of growth in the industrialised regions by comparison to the developing regions is very marked.  Note how the UK consumption has changed very little over the period and actually went down in the decade between 1971 and 1981 that was before BSE was identified.

The UK and Europe show a drop in beef consumption when BSE was at its height.  BSE generated interest in alternative meats, a demand that simply could not be satisfied, as the alternatives were not produced in sufficient volume.

In contrast, Asia has shown a huge increase in consumption over the period.  It can be considered that some of this increased consumption is due to improved recording systems, but there is also clear evidence of significant growth due to the improving economies in the region.  The consumption of meat in China is a significant proportion of the growth in meat consumption in Asia and is therefore shown independently.

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