Interpreting the Trends in Meat Consumption – Type of Meat Consumed

Newsletter No. 40 - July 2006, Item 2c

Understanding the trends related to type of meat consumed is a key factor to understanding why the growth in meat consumption has been so high, population growth and wealth apart.  It is also the key to appreciating the opportunities for Ostrich production in the different regions (markets).  Ostrich benefits the different markets in different ways.

When examining Figure 2 note the growth of pork and poultry consumption by comparison to Beef and “Mutton and Goat”.  The combined total of the pig and poultry sectors has taken increasing market share in every region but with significant variations in the proportion of pig and poultry from region to region.

The pig and poultry industries have become extremely efficient.  These efficiencies have significantly reduced the costs per kilo of meat making these meats now available to people from lower income groups.   Ostrich provide an additional meat that can be produced to similar levels of efficiency and therefore costs.

Taking region by region, pig meat has been dominant over poultry in Europe, China and until recently in the UK.  The remaining regions show poultry as the dominant type taking the larger market share.

Goat and Sheep meat are included in the same category.  The UK, New Zealand and Australia are major producers of lamb as well as major consumers of lamb meat, as indicated in these graphics.

The majority of the goat meat will be consumed in Asia and also in the Arab nations, a region that consumes a significant proportion of lamb, as the Moslem population are unable to consume Pig meat.  Ostrich offers variety by making available a meat that can be raised to the same efficiencies as pig and poultry meat.

Comparative Consumption of Meat Other

Figure 4 - Comparative Consumption of Meat Other

It will take a decade or two from the introduction of productive systems to achieving the volumes and efficiencies of production required to support the meat consumption in the high volume markets.  During the development phase, it can be seen in Figure 4 that Europe currently consumes around 30% of all other meat.  Europe has a higher net wealth customer seeking alternative meats. It can be expected that the European consumer will pay a premium for ostrich meat while volumes are low, but only if the meat is available on a consistent basis.

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