Obtaining Meaningful Data

Newsletter No. 24 – March 2005 Item 4

The World Ostrich Association has an important role to play in communicating meaningful data.

In 1997 I developed a questionnaire.  The reason I developed the questionnaire was that most all in the industry were looking for meaningful answers.  The questionnaire was published on the web site of a member of the Blue Mountain Ostrich list and publicised through the Blue Mountain ostrich list and several country magazines that were published at that time.  When studying this survey form, an important fact to remember is at that time I was not involved with Blue Mountain in any other way than just another member of the Blue Mountain Ostrich list seeking solutions.

Only 3 completed survey forms were submitted and a number of private emails.  The motivation for developing the survey was so many were asking for meaningful data.  With an industry that is so small, every member must contribute in order to build a meaningful database.  Do not be ashamed of poor results because you are not alone.  A study of the publications from the members of the South African Ostrich scientific program report no more than 60% hatchability (conversion eggs to day old chicks).  Quote from page 33 "The Report on the Investigation of the effects of Deregulation of the South African Ostrich Industry":

"Chick mortality is a serious destroyer with devastating and varied financial implications.   For the last two decades, in all surveys and opinions polls, the vagaries of chick mortality have been listed as enemy number one".
End quote

Now add high chick mortalities to 60% conversion from eggs to day old chicks, it is clear to see the reasons why we do not yet have a commercial industry.

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